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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Second tasty outing: Coco Loco

For the Tasty Dozen's second outing we ventured into the exotic Coco Loco where you can travel to the Argentine without a passport. Chocolate is the passion of the owner (major hunk) and the way he traverses the universe. There are chocolate martini's, hot chocolate, cool chocolate, and crepes. Not your usual crepe, these are made from special glueten free powder and made with love and tender care. Each is a work of art - the banana, the cheese and potato, the pumpkin and last but not least the chocolate and basil pesto crepe. A combination that can only have been created in some kind of dark, smoke filled room full of hookers.

The group for this outing was eclectic, there was our weary baby boomer, snazzy Miss Gen Y, wearing a little french inspired number, White Man Gen Y, and our happy couple -- made of 3, including a budding Mr Spock..... beam me up now Scottie.

The Cafe Club all agreed that we would give Coco Loco a 9/10. Mood lighting, soft jazz, handsome waiters, yummy food, and exotic drinks mean one thing --- take a date and you are sure to get lucky.
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Coco Loco, 219 High Street, Northcote, 3070, ph 9482 7033

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