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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let the Games Begin. Breakfast at Stuzzi -8.5/10

The kick off for the Tasty Dozen, breakfast on Aust Day at Stuzzi. Right in the heart of High Street Northcote. Indeed many people, (ie me) think that it was the creation of Stuzzi that marked the beginning of the High Street, rejuvenation. Prior to Stuzzi, there was the Northcote Arcade, which also formed a link from the rear parking to High Street. To say it was a dead zone is an understatement. Something about the Feng Shui.. it literally sucked energy out of you as you walked through.

The clever thing about Stuzzi (building owned and developed by the Darebin Council) is that it is fully accessible. Good for people in wheelchairs and mums with prams. And it was the mum's with prams who took to Stuzzi with a vengeance and others quickly followed. Those large tables, not too squeezy and excellent loos -- including a baby change room and a special loo for people with a disability. And if that were not enough - there is the set back from the street, lovely to sit outside and watch the world go by. So where Stuzzi began, many other cafes have followed .

It became clear that in future the Cafe Club would need to be in the evening. Only two of our members showed for breakie, the others -- 2 Gen Y's and one Gen X, found 9am on a public holiday just too early.

So it was groovy Gen Y Cait and I (BB elder) at Stuzzi. Here is what is has going for it, great parking, easy access, clean, very good background music, plenty of space, big tables for big groups or little tables for that quiet interchange. And if that were not enough - they have plenty of daily newspapers to borrow.

I had the smoked salmon with fresh dill and poached eggs. It was meant to be accompanied by avocado, but instead came with spinach. It was delicious. The salmon was fresh and of the highest quality, the dill and spinach were likewise fresh and wonderfully aromatic. The two poached eggs were perfectly formed and cooked to perfection. All of this on a thick slice of brown bread. Ms Y and I agreed that it was a 10/10

Ms Y went for an omelette with brie and mushrooms. This also (strangely) came on top of a thick slice of brown bread. She gave it a solid 8.5/10. She thought the eggs were a tad over cooked. I tasted it and thought it was fine, but it was her dish and she gets to give the rating.

Now Ms Y is a woman on a mission. She is looking for the perfect Chai Latte. And I am sorry to say that she did not find it at Stuzzi. Me on the other hand found my coffee very nice - so nice that I went back for another cup.

For breakfast I would give Stuzzi a solid 8.5. Prices were mid range, in all for 1 chai, 2 coffees, 1 omelette and the smoked salmon it was $42. However, while I normally find the service good and very cheerful. On this occasion our waiter seemed to be not a very happy man and I missed the "service with a smile". Maybe he had caught the "dispair virus" that was lingering in the foundations of the old arcade?

Stuzzi Cafe Bar and Lounge.

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