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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wesley Anne - lovely outside - grumpy service

It was a warm March night when the Cafe Club went to the Wesley Anne. One of our cohort is a regular at the place, loves, the atmosphere and the live music. Indeed she says it is one of her favourite places. It was Cait who got there first and made the wise decision to sit out in the rear garden. Not one of those chic courtyards to be found in other establishments, nor it is have the blokeishness of a beer garden. No this was a little bit of out door heaven, trees, tables, pagolas, and of all things a cruddy old caravan. Don't ask me why.

To get food you have to go inside and line up and say what you want, You pay individually and the food arrives as it is ready. This can lead to a rather disjointed mutual dining experience and not to be recommended for people who want to enjoy the feeling of sharing a meal with friends. You may get to watch your friend eat while you wait for your meal to arrive, but really that is not very satisfying, is it?

The food itself was passable and the price reasonable. Would I go back. Umm no don't think so - they just did not make us feel like valued customers. Rather we came away feeling disappointed that we had upset their evening by turning up and creating work. All very disappointing for Miss Gen Y -- as I said earlier it is (was?) one of her favourite places
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  1. If you're up for trying something different in Northcote we would welcome you to The Purple Emerald Lounge Bar, with some tapas to share and some tasty cocktails (available in Jugs if you're sharing) with unusually good music on the side. Either you can get comfy on our retro furniture inside or sit out in the sunny beer garden. All the staff are friendly and helpful and we feel that too many people miss out on dinning here as our hours are not standard (5pm generally open till 1 or 3am - depending on the day)