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Friday, July 30, 2010

Sigiri -- It's a good idea to like coconut

Sigiri, is one of those unimposing places that only vaguely register. I have lived in Northcote for what now amounts to decades and I can't remember when it wasn't there. Yet in all that time I have never eaten there nor indeed had I wanted to eat there. Thankfully, due to the Cafe Club I broke out of my rut and had enjoyed the delights that are Sigiri.

The decor is designer proof, it is clear that the owners have decorated the place in a style that suits them, from fringed umbrella's to giant, display size, bottles of cocoa cola. The walls are brick with happy decorations including a wall of masks. But it is not the decor that attracts people to come back again and again - it is the food.

The hoppers are a must - "bowls" made out of a bready coconut mixture that you use to eat with your meal. Ours came and one had a fried egg sitting down the bottom. One with in our group claimed that it looked like a bra on the run.

This place is all about curries. Our favourite was the pumpkin curry, but all were good. We also had the banana pancakes and they were eagerly enjoyed by all.

Prices were reasonable and on the weekends there are buffet nights where you can taste a wide variety of the Sri Lankan cuisine. I do believe that on buffet nights, it is less than $30.

As I mentioned from the begining of this entry. Sigiri is a place to return to again and again, and I am delighted to say that one of our group has, in the few weeks since we sampled this fine establishment, been back twice.

To close a word of warning, you may now be able to get into Sigiri without a booking, but as the word of mouth continues to spread you might find yourself standing in a queue.

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